Deodorants That Do Not Contain Chemicals

There are some people that are allergic to the chemicals that are found in deodorant. There are also people with sensitive skin that cannot wear these deodorants due to irritation. There are deodorant without chemicals that can allow these people to feel fresh without irritating their skin.
Dr Hauschka
This deodorant without chemicals is certified by the BDIH to be all natural. This deodorant has natural floral smells and can be used by a man or a woman. The deodorant will allow a person to stay dry and they will not have to worry about embarrassing odor.
This deodorant comes in a variety of scents including rose, citrus, and sage. Rose is said to be an all natural antibacterial and will smell nice. This will also help keep a person fresh and dry even on a hot summer day.
This deodorant is certified to be all natural by the USDA organization. The deodorant comes in a spray form and is made from organic lemon and sage essential oil. It can be used to keep a man or a woman clean and dry.
These deodorants do not contain chemicals and can still help a person feel fresh and clean. They will not irritate skin and are gentle yet effective against odor and wetness.