7 Reasons Why WooCommerce Gaining Popularity in Hong Kong

The growth of the Asian economy over the past decade has been phenomenal. Asia is the fastest-growing economic region, as well as the largest continental economy by both GDP (gross domestic product) and PPP (purchasing power parity) in the world, and Asia’s eCommerce economy also benefits from this boost.

Hong Kong in particular has seen a massive increase in its eCommerce economy. Within the space of 2 years, as recorded by Societe Generale, Hong Kong’s eCommerce revenue increase by 27% between 2015, and 2017. Furthermore, this increase is projected to be at over 100% by 2021. A major contributor to the growth of e-commerce in Hong Kong is WooCommerce. 

What is WooCommerce?

Being the most popular WordPress eCommerce solution and currently accounting for 42% (and growing) of all eCommerce websites on the internet, Woocommerce is a free plugin from WordPress which adds e-commerce functionality to a user’s WordPress website and makes it possible for them to have an online store, turning a user’s WordPress website into an e-commerce website. 

The WooCommerce plugin quickly became popular for its simplicity to install and customize and free base product, and currently, there are currently over 3.3 million live websites using WooCommerce.  

According to  Easyecommercehk.com, WooCommerce also ranks among the top 4 eCommerce platforms in Hong Kong

Here are 7 reasons why WooCommerce is gaining popularity in Hong Kong:

1. WordPress

WooCommerce’s dependence on WordPress is its greatest strength. WordPress is certainly one of the best and most popular publishing solutions, and by placing its foundation on WordPress, WooCommerce inherits a lot of features. For example, if you want to add a YouTube video to WooCommerce products, simply place the video’s URL into the product description, and it will automatically appear in the post. Something else is that many well-built themes will actually make the video responsive so that it will adapt to mobile devices—the biggest source of internet traffic in Asia.

2. Content Marketing

Content marketing is the practice of creating and publishing useful, valuable content for the purpose of building relationships with folks who could eventually become loyal customers. Content marketing is also one of the most powerful tools that online sellers have for building a successful business over the long term. WooCommerce is basically a store with a built-in blog therefore it can be much more closely integrated with content marketing strategies. This feature might be creatively used to create landing pages for email or social media campaigns. 

3. Easy to use

Users with no-experience also get the chance to easily create and customize their own e-commerce website powered by WooCommerce. According to Practical Ecommerce, WooCommerce is so easy to use that it only takes about 10 minutes to install and get it running. Even a total novice can set up their WooCommerce powered website in just 10 minutes or more if running slow. 

More people will gravitate towards WooCommerce because of how easy it is. Everyone wants a platform that allows them to work efficiently and effectively while making their job a lot easier and time-saving. WooCommerce grants its users this much-desired benefit. Plus, the numerous plugins available to users also make the process easier.

This article, WooCommerce教學開網店必學步驟式指南, does a great job of explaining how to set up a WooCommerce store.


WooCommerce, and WordPress underlying it, also shares a feature with several modern eCommerce platforms in that it is extensible, meaning it can be extended to accommodate several features. Without exaggeration, there are tens of thousands of plugins available for WordPress, and hundreds, if not thousands, of plugins for WooCommerce, aimed at extending its functionality. WooCommerce plugins exist for many common features and function updates. And thanks to WordPress, writing custom plugins is relatively easy. 


WooCommerce is part of the WordPress community that extends worldwide. This means that there are likely thousands of other users sharing your experiences, asking questions, and working to improve the platform. Merchants who choose to use WooCommerce benefit from this shared experience and the improvements it brings. As an example, search for “WooCommerce selling streaming video” on Google returns about 1.7 million results, including links to extensions and a link to a digital download tutorial on YouTube. And even more, the large number of WooCommerce users across Asia encourages the average Asian seller to become a part of this community.


WooCommerce comes with many shortcodes for adding product and eCommerce-related content to pages or posts. Shortcodes are bits of text that can be added to a post or page. These shortcodes invoke a function, which adds content. For example, if a marketer wanted to add products to a special landing page, it might be a matter of adding a little bracketed text.WooCommerce shortcodes can be used to insert order tracking information, user account data, change password information, edit user accounts, show recent or featured products, or show individual products.

7. International Payment Services 

Woocommerce makes it easier for its users to sell their goods internationally with its helpful integrated payment services. That provides easy International payment options, and global shipping that aids the delivery processes of ordered goods.

In Conclusion,

Just a few years ago, there were really only a handful of good options for small eCommerce businesses, like those in Hong Kong But now, platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, Easy store, Wix, and Webnode have made the process easier.

As a merchant in Hong Kong, now is the time to go online. Take the time to find the right eCommerce platform for your business. But know that WooCommerce is one of the solutions that deserve your consideration.

Appropriate Bathroom Gifts for Newly Weds

Comfort zone in the house

The bathroom is one of those rooms where it is easy to go over some unspoken social boundary.  Problem is the bathroom is just another room in the house as is any other room. And all rooms need things to go in them.  So how does one buy an appropriate bathroom gift for the newly wed? Mostly it is common sense. If it wouldn’t bother you to receive something, it is probably not going to bother your friend or relative.  If you are one of those people that nothing bothers, then you need to think about whether it would bother most people you know.

Let’s start with towels.  We all need them. We all have had that incident where we get out of the shower and there is no towel; it’s not pleasant at all.  Towels are one of those things that are both affordable and outrageously expensive. I remember my first time walking into Bloomingdale’s just because I wanted to say I’d been there.  What I remember most about it are the $90 bath towels; just because I thought it was so excessive and so ridiculous. That noted, my point is there are ways to go with towels that you can make sure that you don’t buy the wedding couple something everyone else did. Another suggestion is a bathroom faucet, in which I found some good reviews here: https://kitchenfaucets.reviews/best-bathroom-sink-fixture

For other ideas on what to give, visit kitchenfaucets.reviews

Soap dish beside a tub

Expensive soaps and shampoos are another viable options or soap containers, toothbrush holders etc.  If you know the wedding couple well and they would not be offended by it, you can go as far as picking out scented products for them.  What is necessary to remember is that not everything that a newlywed couple is going to need is fun and/or exciting. But needed, regardless.  A fun gift could be matching his or her bathrobes. Then there are extra racks for clothes or shoes. As I said, not everything needed is fun but these things could be lifesavers for organizational purposes.

Click here to find out more useful things to buy.

Wedding Planning Tips to Save More Money

Couple's ring

Here are some wedding planning tips to save more money.  Actually let’s start at the engagement. Who really needs to go by the “ring needs to be two months salary”?  No one I know; it’s not as though we live in ancient times. It is worth noting that not all non-genuine rings are the horror story hand turned green type or look like they were found in a gumball machine.  Some replica rings are actually very well done.  

A big way to save on the wedding itself is to have an afternoon wedding.  If you have it at say 1 pm or 2 pm–it will be done early enough that you won’t have to order dinner.  And no one but you has to know that was done because you were being cheap. Next depending on which situation would save you more money…you can either plan your wedding around when relatives and friends would be in town (ie. holidays) or you can plan it in an off season month, as most venues do not charge as much when they are less likely to have guests to begin with.  Of course, if you don’t care that much about who shows up at your wedding, this is an even more viable option.  

Holy matrimony in the garden

Don’t be afraid to go somewhere off beat.  You would be surprised what you would save by not having your wedding and/or reception at a church.  Some wedding couples have managed to get married and have their reception in places such as the public library gardens either at no cost or greatly cheaper than what it would’ve been to have it at the church.  

Finally, depending on how desperate you are (or how obnoxious you find their banners if that is a factor) ask around to vendors if they will give you a discount in exchange for being allowed to put up an advertisement of their services.  Hopefully these tips on how to save more money planning your wedding help.

Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Dress

Young woman wearing bridal gown

Some of us are as picky about our wedding dress as we would be about the groom.  I won’t get into why in this article, but I would be one of those women. So here are some tips for choosing your wedding dress.  Let’s start out with what not to do.

First off, don’t believe everything you see on the TV.  Take shows such as “Say Yes To The Dress” with a grain of salt.  More specifically, do not rule out every dress you come across because you do not have an immediate reaction when you see it.  For me personally, I saw what wound up being my wedding dress four times before going back to it, the first two with little reaction.  I cannot be the only instance where that has happened.  

Woman wearing gown talking to a couturier

Next, do not be in a hurry.  You might see a dress that you think you want, but then find you like even better in a month.  Just as important–how would you feel if you bought your dream dress and then it went on sale the next month?  Do your research and homework. Make sure to sit down while trying your wedding dress on. Not every dress will fit the same and you’d hate to find the right fit while standing just to realize it is too tight or loose somewhere when you sit down.

Finally, even if you believe in the “husband doesn’t see the dress before marriage tradition”, you should still at least ask him what kind of dress he wants.  I realize that it is human nature to dress to impress all the women there. Problem with that is, how are you going to feel if you are in a dress that your husband is neutral about but your “friends” that may not even be in your life in 5-10 years loved?  How is it going to feel to look at those pictures then? You can work around the tradition by asking your future husband what kind of dress he likes.

I hope these tips on choosing your wedding dress were helpful.