Appropriate Bathroom Gifts for Newly Weds

Comfort zone in the house

The bathroom is one of those rooms where it is easy to go over some unspoken social boundary.  Problem is the bathroom is just another room in the house as is any other room. And all rooms need things to go in them.  So how does one buy an appropriate bathroom gift for the newly wed? Mostly it is common sense. If it wouldn’t bother you to receive something, it is probably not going to bother your friend or relative.  If you are one of those people that nothing bothers, then you need to think about whether it would bother most people you know.

Let’s start with towels.  We all need them. We all have had that incident where we get out of the shower and there is no towel; it’s not pleasant at all.  Towels are one of those things that are both affordable and outrageously expensive. I remember my first time walking into Bloomingdale’s just because I wanted to say I’d been there.  What I remember most about it are the $90 bath towels; just because I thought it was so excessive and so ridiculous. That noted, my point is there are ways to go with towels that you can make sure that you don’t buy the wedding couple something everyone else did. Another suggestion is a bathroom faucet, in which I found some good reviews here:

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Soap dish beside a tub

Expensive soaps and shampoos are another viable options or soap containers, toothbrush holders etc.  If you know the wedding couple well and they would not be offended by it, you can go as far as picking out scented products for them.  What is necessary to remember is that not everything that a newlywed couple is going to need is fun and/or exciting. But needed, regardless.  A fun gift could be matching his or her bathrobes. Then there are extra racks for clothes or shoes. As I said, not everything needed is fun but these things could be lifesavers for organizational purposes.

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