Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Dress

Young woman wearing bridal gown

Some of us are as picky about our wedding dress as we would be about the groom.  I won’t get into why in this article, but I would be one of those women. So here are some tips for choosing your wedding dress.  Let’s start out with what not to do.

First off, don’t believe everything you see on the TV.  Take shows such as “Say Yes To The Dress” with a grain of salt.  More specifically, do not rule out every dress you come across because you do not have an immediate reaction when you see it.  For me personally, I saw what wound up being my wedding dress four times before going back to it, the first two with little reaction.  I cannot be the only instance where that has happened.  

Woman wearing gown talking to a couturier

Next, do not be in a hurry.  You might see a dress that you think you want, but then find you like even better in a month.  Just as important–how would you feel if you bought your dream dress and then it went on sale the next month?  Do your research and homework. Make sure to sit down while trying your wedding dress on. Not every dress will fit the same and you’d hate to find the right fit while standing just to realize it is too tight or loose somewhere when you sit down.

Finally, even if you believe in the “husband doesn’t see the dress before marriage tradition”, you should still at least ask him what kind of dress he wants.  I realize that it is human nature to dress to impress all the women there. Problem with that is, how are you going to feel if you are in a dress that your husband is neutral about but your “friends” that may not even be in your life in 5-10 years loved?  How is it going to feel to look at those pictures then? You can work around the tradition by asking your future husband what kind of dress he likes.

I hope these tips on choosing your wedding dress were helpful.