Wedding Planning Tips to Save More Money

Couple's ring

Here are some wedding planning tips to save more money.  Actually let’s start at the engagement. Who really needs to go by the “ring needs to be two months salary”?  No one I know; it’s not as though we live in ancient times. It is worth noting that not all non-genuine rings are the horror story hand turned green type or look like they were found in a gumball machine.  Some replica rings are actually very well done.  

A big way to save on the wedding itself is to have an afternoon wedding.  If you have it at say 1 pm or 2 pm–it will be done early enough that you won’t have to order dinner.  And no one but you has to know that was done because you were being cheap. Next depending on which situation would save you more money…you can either plan your wedding around when relatives and friends would be in town (ie. holidays) or you can plan it in an off season month, as most venues do not charge as much when they are less likely to have guests to begin with.  Of course, if you don’t care that much about who shows up at your wedding, this is an even more viable option.  

Holy matrimony in the garden

Don’t be afraid to go somewhere off beat.  You would be surprised what you would save by not having your wedding and/or reception at a church.  Some wedding couples have managed to get married and have their reception in places such as the public library gardens either at no cost or greatly cheaper than what it would’ve been to have it at the church.  

Finally, depending on how desperate you are (or how obnoxious you find their banners if that is a factor) ask around to vendors if they will give you a discount in exchange for being allowed to put up an advertisement of their services.  Hopefully these tips on how to save more money planning your wedding help.